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A demon name Tarakasura who asked for the boon that he should only killed by Lord Shiva's son. He knew very well Lord Shiva was an ascetic and he would not marry or have children. Hence, Tarakasura would be invisible. However after much ado, Lord Shiva finally married Goddess Parvathi couldn't conceive due to the curse, Lord Shiva took her to a cave and asked her to meditate. As they both meditated, a ball of fire emerged out of their cosmic energies. In the mean of time, the other Gods being insecure from Tarakasura, Sent Agni or the God of fire to get hold of the ball of fire. But even Agni couldn't bear the heat of the energy of Shiva and Parvathi. So, He handed over the ball to Goddess Ganga. When even Ganga couldn't bear the heat she deposited the fire ball into a lake in a forest of reeds. Then Goddess Parvathi took the form of this water body as she alone could bear the energy of Shiva and Shakthi. Finally the fire ball took the form of a baby with six faces. Hence, Karthikeya also known as Shanmukha or The God with six faces.

He was first spotted and taken care of by six women who represented the pleiades or the Krittikas. So the divine child was known as Karthikeya or the son of Krittikas. Later Karthikeya kills Tarakasura and becomes the commander in chief  of the Gods. Lord Karthikeya is depicted as a dark young with a spear in his hand. His mount is the Peacock and he symbolizes power and strength. Through the blessings of Lord Karthikeya, One can achieve great strength and get rid of all his woas. His Peacock represents him as the destroyer of all bad habits and a conqueror of sensual desires. Karthikeya represents perfection and the need for every human to move towards being perfect. 

After destroying Surapadma, Lord Muruga married Devasena or Devayanai - as she was taken care by the Elephant Iravath. She was the Daughter of Devendra. Lord Muruga married her in Thiruparnkundram - a place present in Tamil Nadu.In her previous birth she was the daughter of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu has two daughters namely Amruthavalli and Sundaravalli. They both in fell love with Lord Muruga, and did great penance to marry him. Lord Muruga was pleased with their penance and granted them the boon that he would marry him in their next birth. Hence the eldest one was born to Devendra - the King of Devas and the youngest one was born to Nambi - the Tribal Chief of Vallimalai.Lord Muruga married Devasena, as a symbol of his Victory over Surapadma.And he married Valli out of his love. Valli was born in the forest of Vallimalai and the Tribal Chief Nambi adopts the child as he had no daughter [ he has 10 sons before he adopts Valli ]. She was named as Valli as she was found on the pit of the forest. Valli was grown in the forest and she owed to marry Lord Muruga.

One day she challenges with the Sage Naradha, that she would only marry Lord Muruga. Hence Lord Muruga came in the form of hunter and proposed Valli. She rejected. Again Lord Muruga came in the form of old man and threatened Valli to marry him. But she was firm in her decision and Lord Muruga revealed his original form and married Vallli.Devasena and Valli are not only the consorts of Lord Muruga, they were also known as Shakthis or Celestial Powers of the Lord. They were referred to as the - Icha and Kriya Shakthi of the Lord. Om Saravana Bhava…

You access the energy of Skanda by learning by secret of powerful mantra "OM SARAVANABAVA". It signifies the six syllabus which represents six aspects in life.

#SA - Gain you the ability to attract all people to your side

#RA - Brings prosperity in life

#VA - Wash away your physical discomforts, debts and competition 

#NA - Surmounts your problems through  enemies

#BA - Brings charm in life

#VA- End for evil forces

Paintings made to order would take 1 - 2 weeks of time depends on the size and subject of the matter

Starting size: 12 x 10

Starting price: 3800/-

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