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Aadhyanta Prabhu

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What begins has to end. This is nature. If there is one thing that has no beginning or end it is Almighty. If there is one thing that is beginning and/or end in its self it is Aadhyanta Prabhu Almighty. That why we pray to Almighty by invoking his name thus: Adi, Aanadi Antham, Anantham, Anthadi. Whenever we begin anything we offer our prayers to Vignesh, the deity who protects from all hindrances, hence Vignesh. When the things are achieved ie: Jayam we thank the deity Hanuman and conclude. This is observed in all our endeavors, even in offering daily prayers rule is no exception. In the Bajana Sampradhaya also this is followed. There was an intuition on a fine day that in the temple both these two (Vignesh and Hanuman) peerless deities are seen as one like that of Arthanareeshwara an amalgam of Shiva and Sakthi. and Sri Sankaranarayanar an amalgam of Shiva and Narayana. 

Lord Aadhyanta Prabhu is an amalgam of Sri Vigneshwara and Sri Hanuman representing beginning and end.


The prayers and pooja of this unique Lord is very very simple. Nine Tulasi leaves and nine Erukkam flowers are to be mixed and offered at the feet of Sri Aadhyanta Prabhu followed by a Aarthi, which is must. Just no more we would be dishonest to ourselves if we do not make it clear that everyone has necessarily live out his Karma. Only that, in the process of making the above offering, one facilitates Sri Aadhyanata prabhu is bearing a very very substantial portion of the burden of the human being, all in his infinite grace, ever ready to protect the devotee.

Paintings made to order 1-2 weeks of the time depending on the size and subject of the matter 

Starting size: 15 x 12

Starting Price: 6800/-

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