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Kan Drishti Ganapathi

New Kan Drishti Ganapathi

Subha Drishti Ganapathi is an all powerful glorious divine form brought into the being with the unique, powerful blessings of sage Agastya, the foremost among the eighteen Siddhas, Lord Vinayaka has the power to bring about thought transformation (from bad thoughts to good thoughts) that's why, gathering within himself all divine powers, He as, Lord Ganapati has descended on this earth, as Shri Subha Drishti Ganapathi. Shri Subha Drishti Ganapathi is the 33 form of Ganesha in this Kaliyuga who has risen for the god of the people, taking this supremely attractive form. Mahaganapathi in this rare form is the confluence of several incarnations of the supreme, all rolled into one.

Way of worship

The picture Shri Subha Drishti Ganapathi has to be exhibited in the central hall of the house in such a way has to face the North. Decorate the Lord with flowers and burn incense sticks. come out explicitly with all the problems that are afflicting your mind without any reservation.

The Moola mantra may be chanted 16 times daily. The speciality of the Mantra is that it is a combination of seed sounds and prayer so that mistakes in pronunciation if any are condoned. 

Every Wednesday, incense may be shown to him, and also camphor may be lit before him. The place with the lit camphor may be taken to every room in house to get the auspicious bening grace of the Lord

Moola Mantra 

Om Hreem Sreem Kleem 

Gloum GUm Ganapathiye! 

Vaaranamukhe Sarvaarishaan 

Vaaraya Vaaraya Om Svaahaa!

Paintings made to order 1-2 weeks of time depending on the subject of the matter

Starting size: 13 x 13

Starting price: 6800/-

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