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Sai baba sitting

Sai baba sitting

Sai baba of Shirdi is treated as god of all. Shirdi is considered as a sacred for place for Hindus and Muslims.

In the recent past all religious people including orthodox Christmas, Zoroastrians   started worshipping Sai baba of Shirdi.

Childhood of Saibaba of Shirdi 

Sai baba was a born to a Brahmin couple of Patri which was in the Nizam State of British India. Where is parents handed over him to fakir. These were the words revealed by baba in his last days. But Date of birth still unknown to the world. There are lots of communities who claims that baba belong to their respective communities but none of them proven.

Life of Sai baba at Shirdi

Baba came to village Shirdi in Maharashtra at the age of 16 for the first time. People wondered looking at him that a boy at a very tender age doing deep meditation sitting in asana under a Neem tree, without food and even water for several days. 
This made to grew lots of curiosity in young baba. Bayajabai, wife of village chief occasionally enquired about the welfare of the Sai baba in his childhood. Gradually she started bringing food to baba. As the days past baba started treating her as his mother. Mhalspati the village chief and a priest, Once possessed by lord Khandoba uttered that there is a holy spirit here pointing towards the Saibaba. Baba pointed towards the neem tree and asked to dig it to roots. The villagers followed the words of Baba and started digging it. As the layers of earth passed on, They found a slab made of stone, Oil lamps glowing without any oil and air too, Which was completely opposite in the Science. In the same place they found a vessel which is in the shape of cow mouth on a wooden table. Baba clarify that this is the holy place where his guru had done penance. He also suggest that instead of worshiping me (Sai baba), Worship the tree and leave it untouched it. This tree is the first stop of the pilgrim in Shirdi. 

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