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Gajalakshmi, that is Lakshmi with elephants, is one of the most significant Ashtalakshmi aspect of the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi. In this aspect, the Goddess is depicted seated on a lotus flanked on both side of the elephants. She is shown as seated in Padmasana Yogic posture, and has four arms. In each of her upper pair of arms, she carries a lotus, and the lower hands are generally shown in abhaya varamudra. The elephants flanking her are shown as pouring water from their trunk over the Goddess. This aspect like most other aspects of Lakshmi is representative of prosperity, Good luck and abundance: and the Gajalakshmi motifs are very common in Hindu and Buddhist iconography.

The earliest available depiction of Gajalakshmi appears on a coin Kausambi. One or two elephants depicted alongside a women symbolized in the birth of Gautam Buddha.Gajalakshmi is worshipped in many  places in Goa and Konkan as a fertility goddess mostly under the names Gajantlaxmi, Gajalakshmi, Kelbai or Bauka devi by various Konkani communities as their tutelary deity. 

Paintings made to order would take 1 - 2 weeks of time depending on the size and subject of the matter.

Starting size: 8 x 6

Starting price:2800/-

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