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Shri Krishna is the central figure of the Bhagavad Gita. Shri Krishna is widely considered by Hindus to be an Avatar - a direct descent of God. During the battle of Kurukshetra, Krishna gave Arjuna the immortal spiritual discourse of Bhagavad Gita - Krishna taught a spiritual path of wisdom, devotion and discrimination. Shri Krishna is also popularised devotional bhakthi yoga through his time with Radha and the Gopis in Vrindavan. 

Sri Krishna said in the opening section of Bhagavad Gita :

"Whenever, O descendant of Bharata, righteousness declines and unrighteousness prevails, I manifest my self. For the protection of the righteous and the destruction of the wicked, and for the establishment of religion, I come into being from age to age.

Sri Krishna was born in northern India in approximately 3,228 BCE. The Purana's consider Sri Krishna's life to mark the passing of the Dvapara age and into the Kali yuga.

Krishna was born in prison to devout parents - Devaki and Vasudeva. At the time of his birth, his wife was in danger because the tyrant kamsa was seeking to kill him. It had been foretold that kamsa would be killed by Devaki's eight child. Since Shri Krishna was the eight child, he was smuggled out of prison to be raised by his foster parents Nanda and Yeshodha in Gokula. Nanda lived a simple lifestyle and was a chief in the local cow herding community. The young Shri Krishna is often depicted in these days as being a mischievous child, who enjoyed playing pranks and having fun. Some worship Shri Krishna as the ideal child of innocence.

However, in his young years, Krishna is reported to have killed demons Trinavarta and Putana. He is also said to have listed a nearby hill, Govardhana to protect the villagers against the wrath of Indra.

Shri Krishna in Brindavan

 In the early stage of his life, Shri Krishna is also often depicted playing flute for his beloved Gopi's - female devotees. Of these Radha is the greatest devotee. 

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