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Hanuman is known to be the embodiment of infinite power and strength. However, Hanuman has far more qualities and virtues, which play a major role in shaping his character. Lord Hanuman is known by many names. Valmiki's Ramayana has detailed accounts of stories that lead to the develop of Hanuman, who is worshipped as the Lord with immense strength in the Hindu mythology. 

Birth and Childhood of Hanuman

Hanum was the son of Kesari, a vanar, and the grandson of Brihaspathi, the King of Sumeru. His mother Anjana, was an apsara of the heavens and had descended to the earth as human, due to a curse. She and her husband performed 12 years of penance and intense prayers due to which, Shiva granted them a child, as a boon. The child was Hanuman himself.due to which he is interpreted of the reflection or shadow of Lord Shiva himself. other mythological accounts often called hanuman, as the son of the god of Wind, Vayu dev, due to the popular story of the Wind God delivering a sacred pudding to Anjana, which originated from king Dhasharatha's ritual Putrakama yagya. The same pudding was had by three wives of Dhasharatha, leading to the birth of Rama, Lakhsmana, Bharatha and Shatrughna. This pudding has delivered to while performing her prayers to Shiva. Who steered the Vayu Gods energy into the womb  of Anjana. Hence, Hanuman is popularly known as Vayuputra.

Hanuman as Rama's Devotee

Valmiki,s fifth book of Ramayana, Sundara kanda, has detailed accounts of Hanuman's meeting with Raman and Lakshmana, and their adventure after it. Rama and Lakshmana come across Hanuman and Sugriva, while they wandering in the forests of Kishkindha searching for Sita, just after she had been abducted by Ravana, Sugriva at first was suspicious about the identities of Rama and Lakshmana, and thinking them to be a spy, sent by his brother Vali. Hanuman however was confident that those two cannot be Vali's spies, as they look like dignified warriors however,just to be double sure, Sugriva sent hanuman in the guise of the Brahmin to enquire about their actual identities and the purpose of theri visit. Rama, upon meeting with Hanuman was greatly impress with his exemplary virtues of good manners, and his perfectly polished tone of speaking. Rama, in him saw the qualities of a trustworthy friend, whom he can depend on, especially at that hour of danger, when Sita was missing. When Rama finally introduce himself to Hanuman, Hanuman removes his disguise, and falls to the feet of Rama seeking his blessings. This was beginning of an epic friendship between Rama and his greatest devotee. Even today, people quote their relationship an examples of the best ever friendship that was ever there in the history of Hindu mythology. Hanuman is very popular in depicted as opening his chest containing the picture of Rama and Sita. Hanuman, therefore stands to be the greatest devotee to be ever born on the earth. 

Hanuman then introduced Rama to Sugriva, and explain to him the scenario with his brother Vali. Rama helps Sugriva regain his kingdom from Vali. In return Sugriva promises to provide Rama with an army of vanaras, to assist Rama and Hanuman in finding Sita. He sent the Vanaras, in four directions of the earth to search for Sita. The vanaras bring the news that Sita in Sri Lanka. 

Hanuman's Effort in finding Sita Devi

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